It’s All Working Out Fine.

This was the message I sent to my mentor on a relaxing wander through the isles of the botanic gardens yesterday afternoon:

It’s funny, we always go looking for “it” elsewhere – in a modelling contract, the next meal, romantic entanglement, a new job, even austerity. Looking, looking. Busy like bees. The great cosmic joke is that each time I’ve been granted a glimpse of it “it”‘s been right here. Empty stomach, walking by the river, no material stimulation. I giggle and keep walking. What a divine type of humour.

The access is pretty simple when you look at it. Reduction, on the whole. Cut away all that does not serve you. Food, sex, smoking, drinks, drugs, lust, TV, stimulants. Anything which does not serve. Social media, if it does not serve you, can also be thrown aside.

I read a book today called The Path To Pure Living by Stacey Sullaphen. Stacey is the PA of my mentor’s mentor. A brilliant woman so far as I can see and just as profound as you might expect from someone who keeps such company.

You can download the book from here website here. I thoroughly recommend it (it’s only 37 pages!).

In essence what she espouses is a diet free from grains, sugar and revolving more or less around vegetables (mainly leafy greens) and grass-fed free range meat only. I personally disagree with the use of meat in any capacity (for more reasons why see my YouTube video “Why Vegan” here) and have replaced them with beans for the most part. Her tips, however, are based more around a healthy lifestyle than just a healthy diet (although diet is a clear access to the life you want). It’s simple, well laid out and thoughtfully put together. I can also personally vouch for that everyone I know following her lifestyle (4 people) are the among most enlightened and enlightening people I know (save the monks at the temple but to be honest, it’s a close match).

I’m still learning slowly, bit by bit being corrected as I go but there’s so much to learn.

We’re so identified with the ego and go to so much effort to distract ourselves and sabotage ourselves from that which we really want and deserve. We distract with lovers, with partying, with sex and drugs and drinks, and food. Constantly we destroy ourselves and wonder why all we see is destruction. I won’t stand for it. I am greatness and I will achieve greatness and that’s something that inside all of us. It takes something – self-esteem, mainly – to make a choice. To look at the person in the mirror and make a promise to them that it’s time for change. That takes guts, too. But it can all happen in just one moment.

It could happen in this moment.

The price of greatness is responsibility. The price of greatness is ownership. The time is now. If you want average and you’re happy to live in the world of excuses and “good enough”‘s and “that will do” then this blog isn’t for you. Click away, don’t let the door hit you. I’m writing this for you: they who know that they were born for something more. That they look with envy at those that have all they want and it hurts a little because it should be you!

It could happen in this moment. Right. Fucking. Now.

So what’s the choice? Click away and forget the offering. Tuck it in the back of your mind with the other excuses? Or step up. Make a commitment to yourself that enough is enough. It starts with diet, working out, ridding yourself of excuses, doing what must be done. It progresses through diet, your actions meeting your words, cutting away. Who knows where the fuck else it goes after that. I’ll let you know as I learn. But catch up, you don’t want to be left behind.

To you,



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