Ready Now, Steady On.

When student is ready, teacher will come.
– Japanese proverb.

Yes and no. When student is ready, teacher will appear.. however student might then dick around and run under trucks while teacher graciously points the path to Oz in all its emerald glory. Eventually, then, student might tire of being beaten up by trucks and teacher persists. Finally, student submits, teacher remains unchanged, and both teacher and student win.

The time for dicking around is over. Student is ready. It’s as simple as ‘listen and do.’

All that has been in the way is the ego, a tricky and elusive beast.

It really just comes down to trust. You trust the teacher or your don’t. If you do, then decisions must be made in spite of what you “want” and instead for what you need, even if you don’t believe (and the ego is certain to have you not believe) this is what you need.

Want = ego based desire.
Need = coming to you without your needing to endeavour for it. Just relax, be neutral and accept anything that comes in the knowing that it is graciously provided to you and is exactly what you need at that moment to complete this step which perfectly creates the next.

All you must do is complete this step very nicely so that you can progress to the next one properly. Step, step, step, run, run, run, fly baby, fly.

Linear progression. Consistent application of principles. No ego. Want something? Too bad. The great thing about trust and a teacher is that what you need is taken care of very delicately. What you want is irrelevant right now. What you need is the going concern, and the exchange rate is high – a bit of trust for everything you truly want in good time. Cash in, guys. If you don’t who knows when the market will turn. And that will be perfect too, but an entirely different reality in this lifetime than had you have listened.

See the power of the ego for destruction and havoc?

Tomorrow is created today. The tomorrow you always wanted can happen today. Take the necessary action, do what must be done and you can revel in life like a pig in mud. There’s something to that, too: Learning to be happy with what one has and cutting away all that isn’t necessary until you delight in what is already so – even if that’s a pile of mud.

edit: Tomorrow doesn’t exist. Today you create today, and all of life which all occurs today. Right now, in fact. This is the only moment in which all creation and destruction occurs, folding in on itself like the love in your mothers stomach for you. Or a pancake. Mm. Pancakes. 

Enough for one day.


Image by Steve Cutts: Check out more of his brilliant work at


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