Reduction, Balance and Flow

Reduction is king. Minimize. Cut away. Strip off. Throw overboard all that does not serve.

Live simply, smiling widely. Eat and love plentifully and you shall live abundantly.

Do not work against the grain. All that is yours is coming to you quite easefully if you would only look out for it, wait patiently, remain balanced and accept what is given to you.

I can cook. I can also write quite well from time to time. I’m a nurturer and gifted with impacting people. I have a good eye for what will work and what wont and I’m naturally determined and loving. So why did I try to be a property developer for two years (albeit with relative success.. even at the cost of 18 hour days and ruining my health?) Why did I work so hard to model? If I am to model, those that want me shall find me, of this I am sure. Why have I always worked so damn hard to get what I thought I wanted, but did not need and did not belong to me?


And so now I cook. And from time to time I write. I love abundantly, smile widely, learn diligently and eat with discipline. It’s working out quite wonderfully.

If you do not need it, do not have it. Wait for what arrives. And let go of the need to have it all now, this step may not look like the golden path to glory, it may look nothing like it, but this step perfectly creates the next step. There is thusly nothing to do except what there is to do to complete this step and then accept what comes, which perfectly creates the next step. Follow the flow and remain balanced and relaxed (which underpins and further creates agility and flow) and you shall soon find your mastery.

Run along.


Artwork by Steve Cutts. You can find more of his work here, I thoroughly recommend it.


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