What Little I’ve Learned About Living Your Life From Principle.

I’ve learned a lot, and know a little. This has become increasingly more acute and evident in the past 3 months than ever before. I have my teacher, Paul Briggs, to thank for that.

So a little more on what little I know:

I’ve seen that when you take an action based on what you need, or on what the people who you trust inform you that you need, and not what your ego tells you that you want, things work out quite fantastically. That in doing so you are creating a beautiful precedent for the next step, which always tends to come from left of field and fits in perfectly.

I’ve seen that when you follow an ego based desire things almost always work out catastrophically. But also that the catastrophe is perfection as it creates precedent for change and motivates you away from where you’re currently looking (outside) to where you need to be (inside), albeit all in good time.

I’ve seen that being the best of a bad bunch doesn’t make you high vibration, it’s just evidence of having manifested low energy in the first place, and therefore a signpost to reality that, of course, my ego missed for the longest time.

It’s all going quite gloriously, actually. And I believe much of this is rooted in a further understanding of the diet (sugar-free, grain-free, soy-free – more info further below) required of me, and in higher levels of personal regimentation around it. My willfulness around doing what I want is dying slowly and calm and relative maturity is taking its place.

I’ve seen that an effective way to love the world is gently and quietly. To be bombastic and loud about your love and in your love for life is an aspect of fear, when examined properly. Hush, child. Hush.

I’m yet to see the inner workings of flow, however I’m prone to over-intellectualizing, but no need to be wary of this – just noticing, and noticing what notices works for now. Perfect, perfect.

I picked up Stacey Sullaphen’s book The Path To Pure Living around a month ago, and what I’ve seen most is that the degree to which I adhere to what is suggested by this profound woman (in addition to her even more profound cohort [I love that I called them cohorts], the above mentioned Paul Briggs) is the degree to which my life is transformed, and slowly – like a snail – the cloud I wear in my ignorance thins around me, and love is able to enter my life so freely as to tickle my cheeks until it elicits the smile it had hoped to see through the cloud but couldn’t. Because I was on drugs. What a silly thing to do.

Alas, we live and we learn. Only relative to the darkness of yesterday is the beauty of today so apparent. Actually everything is so neutral as to negate the concept of dark/light and today/yesterday. There is just now and it is everything and nothing. I guess just our experience of the now shifts as our vibration does so, too, and the shifting experience as we experience the now in a linear fashion creates the illusion of time and relative concepts such as dark and light. The message is the same, however, as it has always been: Just be. Do so Now. Only the access must shift to facilitate all that search for light in their own lives, and their individual preference for accessing the now, based on their individual experiences. I trust those who would most find this useful as an access will find it without much trouble.

I’ll see you wherever we’re going when we get there.


Until then,


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