Passion to me is the listless pursuit of personal expansion. There are many ways we can look to expand ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously.

For the most part, human society looks to expand itself unconsciously.

I am referring to literal expansion on a geopolitical scale, and also metaphorical expansion on an individual basis, be it of our homes, our wardrobes, our data cap, our income, our ability to get high or the number of people we have slept with, laughed with, made love to, or had follow you on Instagram.

Artwork by Gunsmithcat

The need to expand, and vehicle through which it manifests, passion, stems from the fundamental belief that we are not enough, and that what we need to feel complete is elsewhere. In the next house, car, lover, paycheck, drug, chocolate bar, glass of wine or party.

Therefore, these things which we love so are held only as long as they are useful to us in making us feel complete. This is then conditional love, or lust. There is no beauty to be seen here. There is no love. And more often than not, we cyclically return to these things when we realize feeling complete isn’t elsewhere, either – an expression of utter human madness.

Artwork by Banksy

I’ve long suspected that happiness was never to be found in some distant land, job or opportunity. My actions, however, reflected no such suspicion.

Passion without balance results, always, in unconsciousness, and the prevailing of the unconscious belief in happiness anywhere else other than here and now.

But what if we could bring balance to passion? What if what we could direct our passion away from what’s not so (a desire for material gain), and inwards towards what already is so?

Therein lays the completion to which we earlier referred. Therein lays the end of the search. Nestled inside this contentment, like a kinder surprise, is peace.

When we are passionate about what is already so, and are not wanting for that which is not so, we are consciously passionate.

This is the kind of passion I am interested in. These days I mostly endeavor for right now.

And I can not WAIT for right now.

Where do your passions lay? Here and now? Or elsewhere?




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