More On The Step That You Are In.

Each footstep takes you somewhere different depending on the level of consciousness you put into it.

Is it taking you to a pub. Your house? A better home?
To honour yourself? To destruction?

Each footstep becomes a spiritual practice when you are nowhere else but in that step. I’m talking about literal footsteps here.

You see the way that we take steps on the way home is not so dissimilar from the way that we take steps in our life – that is, more or less unconsciously. All purpose and no  deliberateness. When we walk like this on the way home, and forget to see the world with fresh eyes we miss the trees and and the birds. When we walk this way in our life we forget to see the beautiful people and we prohibit the higher powers, whatever they are to you, from orchestrating our life like a symphonic shriek of wisdom, glory and beauty.

A lot of the beauty in walking consciously is revealed to you when you slow down and forget the destination – just as in life. When you go really slow it starts to occur to you that there is nothing to do but complete this step. And after that all there is to do is the next step. From this perspective we can see that nothing is really wrong, unless we are unable to take the next step. If this is the case for you, the moment is most certainly telling you to stop and reflect on your beauty. When it is time for the next step, the next step will be presented to you. Take it, and so on. In this, the destination of the next step is the next step and the destination right now is this step. You have already arrived. Well done, you.

The world is much simpler when all you do is focus on the step you are in – literally, and metaphorically.


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