Meal Prep.


Diet is the foundation of all of the progress I have made, spiritually and otherwise, over the past 4 months.

Gone is the madness that was my life before, and due to discipline around diet, and also diligent work on my perception on the 4 hour net commute per day, I have made progress on progress.

Diet is an ubiquitous interest, concern and source of confusion for much of the western world. Always we are balancing what we believe we should be doing with our lack of desire to take the necessary action to see out what we want. More often that not this results in the complacent tossing of the entire topic into the ‘too hard’ basket. The cornucopia of opinions out there on “the-one-right-way” further adds to the confusion.

In reality, what there is to do is very simple and has nothing to do with what others tell you. The only person you must provide for and nourish is yourself. If you try to attend to others before having done so yourself then you are just building a castle without a foundation and the entire thing will crumble at unnecessary expensive to yourself.

We must cut away all that is not necessary, include all junk food, sugars (naturally occurring or otherwise), grains (including wheat, and wheat replacements), alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and just about anything that you find in a supermarket. This might be a daunting task, initially, and for those prepared enough to honour themselves and take up this joyous challenge, you are next faced with the task of discipline in the hundreds of opportunities in your day that it would just be easier to eat something else.

I have found a phenomenally effective solution to this problem. The answer is still discipline, but in a way that’s much easier to apply. The answer is meal preparation. The fact is I don’t trust anyone to source, prepare and cook my food except for me. I don’t know what’s gone into it, the quality of the food, the environment it is cooked in or the energy that went into cooking it. In short – eating out is more trouble than it’s worth.


Despite how difficult this may sound, I eat like a king, every time I eat I have people commenting on my food and I feel amazing. I also don’t have to worry about being stuck starving in front of a doughnut shop.

Pick one day per week. Sleep in, when you get up make a tea, have a shower and go to the markets. Buy all your food (I eat at least a kilo of food per serving and for the week it costs me around $200), take it home and cook it all. Put it in bags and freeze them if you must, otherwise in the fridge they go. The whole process takes me between getting to the markets at 9:00am and finishing cooking at 5pm and I usually have lunch and a nap in between. And that is the last I have to think about my food for a whole week. Bliss.

It boils down to doing what must be done. Whichever way you look at it, you have a choice: feed your strength and starve your weakness, or starve your strength and feed your weakness. Make a choice, and then take the actions necessary to see it through.

I choose to honour myself. No cheat days, no slips ups, no exceptions.

And my vitality and health costs me 6 joyous peaceful hours per week.

What do you choose?




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