Warriors II.

What is it to be ‘a warrior’? …

It’s the doing of the necessary – the peeling back of egoic desire with the sharp ribs of the blade of correction. It is a quiet, still certainty – a resolute stance – uncovered through repetition. To be a warrior is to mindfully give up all that obstructs the path through application of deep discipline of body and mind, and from this platform of simplicity to relax and therefore draw power through speed and agility. He is gentle, and finds not only power, but beauty in his simplicity.

It is a daily practicing and re-practicing of the basics of the basics until utterly faultless. Looking from every angle at how you can improve. To devote your life to the mastery of skill through repetition, and live it every day – without excuses. The warrior humbles himself to correction – the path to his mastery… And in humility pilgrims to touch the feet of correction, and the person that benevolently administers it, to exchange what little he can offer – gratitude and energy – for the great wealth and sophistication they bring to his life.

… He will remain invisible until the time comes for necessary action. When ready, he bobs into the light, strikes fast, in grace, and stance. Yet you will not see him – there and then gone. Perfection worked at; every day, every month; year upon year, life upon life such that when required he might act in perfection, to defeat adversary with fierceness and love, kindness and firmness, power and technique.

He will not make a show of it. You will not be made aware. Yet though invisible, you will not miss his presence.

Back into shadows he retreats, and returns to his art. In a temple built on a lifetime of tiny adjustments, he returns to the throne, sits down, and waits once more, in silence, for timing to create the next moment for action.

Wisely, silently, gently, he prevails.

Artwork by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich



A Thank You To These Men.

The sweetest moment I’ve ever known in 24 years on Earth involved little more than a vanilla scented candle, soft music, and light refracting off beads of water suspended on waxy leaves outside my bedroom window. “The simple things..” they told us, and off we went and became complex.

And through our inner complexity we were able to bring only outer simplicity to the world around us. And so outer simplicity is all I came bearing. Until I met a man, simple within, who bought great outer complexity (and beauty) to my life. And so inwardly simple I became. I threw out most everything save the candles and the tea pot. Deleted all but the most necessary of music. And after 6 months of reduction and simplicity, enjoyed the most magnificent moment of my life.

You do not need another to love. Just love.
You do not need valuable possessions. Become of value to yourself, you are your most valuable possession. And you are with yourself everywhere you go.
You do not need to listen to your ego. Perfection is on its way.

Nestle in, child. Let me keep you warm with tales of silly things I did before I realized my own divinity.

Oh how uproarious our laughter might be at all the missteps I took before I began to humble myself and listen. And laughter, still, at all the missteps I still take, however, this time, never in vein.

A ‘thank you’ to these men.

We owe you our lives.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.08.15 pm.png
Left: Magister Daire Russell. Right: Paul Briggs.


– M.

(no title).

There is a time for solitude and there is a time for celebration. A time for discipline and a time for balance. Ergo the essence of balance, itself a necessary precursor to stance.

What comes to me is mine. You came to me. Am I to infer then, that you are mine? If I wish to take you, then yes. Do I wish to take you?

This is power.

I am not at the mercy of emotions. I sit, wait, watch for what comes and then CHOOSE. Having stripped away all that is not necessary I now see I need nothing to be joyous. Therefore, I may take you or I may leave you. I am, in other words, perennially accounted for.

You do not come to me for correction, which is perfect: I am in no position to correct. I shall, then, keep all that I know through APPLICATION within. Conserving the energetic weight I have put on like jam. And I do not spread myself out, lest I wear myself thin. Plump and sweet I remain. I will, however, see to the elevation of my peers (as per my duty). So come to me for love and you may have that. Therefore you will shine like a lake, winking back at me with stars in your eyes.

Through watching as I do you may find an example of foundation, and benefit from that, too.

Bath in the waters of discipline. You may become accounted for if you are not so careful.

Artwork by Noritoshi Hirakawa

And I may discover the abyss of feminine divine in the grottoes of your eyes. Show me up. Test me. I wait, still and patient. I hope you come ready to murder. For I am ready to die at your hands.

– M.





I play to the deafness of the masses. I move for the blindness of them all. Blending in shadows that you might briefly notice and then miss upon double-glance.

We study in broad day light that which everyone else skips over. We humble ourselves with the mastery of the basics. We correct ourselves and take correction until perfect in the simplest of things. Nothing too small to inspect and correct until we perfect. Never ahead of ourselves (for long).

First, we build foundation. Rock solid. Unmovable. Upon this rock we shall build our church. Others will one day come to pray here. And they shall leave with blessings and invigorated spirits.

We concern ourselves only with mastery, and the completion of what must be done.

We are warriors.

Photography by Adrian Storey