Calmly Rise, Powerfully Strike.

It is quite possible to be not inconvenienced, but empowered by cultivating sexual energy (read: not masturbating). This is a concept likely to engender resistance in even the most rigorous among the spiritually inclined. Resistance is not your friend. Let it go. Return to flow. Onward.

Every pore of your body can hum with contained energy.

A revolutionary concept was introduced to me recently – not to resist sexual energy. Be with it. Sit in it. Ask yourself “what is it about my energy that makes me want to rid myself of it?”. Indeed. What? When you let go of resistance you open yourself to flow. In this instance, the flow of not needing to disperse my precious sexual energy but to revel. To delight. To implode.

What we sacrifice in sexual indulgence is principally vitality, vigor, creativity, and exponential spiritual and personal growth.

I’m not saying don’t have sex. You do you. I’m only speaking to the benefits of reserve, discipline and self-esteem.

When you cultivate your sexual energy you raise the power that you bring to your life, and reduce the need to expend yourself in other areas. Like a snake, you calmly rest, and when the opportunity presents itself you are both aware and energized enough to strike powerfully, poignantly and purposefully. No wasted time. No wasted energy. All business when the moment calls for business. All relaxation when the moment calls for relaxation. Not a schizophrenic darting around at the slightest of stimuli.


The snake knows an ancient wisdom: stillness. A snake never makes an unnecessary movement. It conserves its energy and when the time comes it strikes like lightening.


This is about cultivation of your purest and strongest energy. Not robbing yourself of the part of you that can be used to either perpetuate your madness (should you choose to abuse it) or magnify your potential (should you choose to honour it).

This shall be my daily practice. I invite you to join me.

Where else are you expending your energy? Where are you spilling yourself, and on what?

I am better than my desire for orgasm.

That is all there is.