Winter mist on misty windows.
Trees poking out of the ground,
numerously surround us.
They stand tall,
like adults do.
Swaying too,
like emotions or the opinions of the men,
that plant and cut them.

Should I stand taller?
Deep in my roots,
solid in foundation,
yet pliable above ground?

In a silent field we sat.
Leaves singing our names,
and foliage crunching under us as we lay,
while we use each other as cushions.
This is ground, I think, we must tread carefully,
lest things end precariously.
Yet still you stare at me,
– you are not one for being careful.
And so I, too,
stare back at you,
– the warrior is never fearful.

I saw rock pools in your eyes,
in a wooden bathing house,
standing nude before you,
physically and otherwise.

I caught, too,
a failed disguise
for something rare these days.
Something real.
And I have known women in my life,
in more than a hundred ways,
but this is my favorite.

What gifts,
have you come to bring to me, angel?
Just peels of laughter
and prettiness?
Or something you apportion less regularly?
Something special, just for me?
In exchange for something special,
just for you?

You have come to me to be at home.
This, I know.
Relax my love.
I will die,
You have come to kill me,
So let us walk home together,
and find the truth in each other,
For we will live forever.
Let’s walk this path together.
The God and Goddess await us.

Photograph by Vivian Maier






Loving Today.

Love the first breath of air you take as you wake,
And the nighttime sweat on your brow.
The crinkle of the covers as you rustle your feathers and up-you-get,
and never forget to love yourself.

Take the shower cold,
Prepare teas and tonics,
Shuffle them down,
Shuffle them down.

Classical radio,
Epsom salt baths,
Garbage bags of washed lettuce,
Root vegetables and herbal medicine.

This is the day of someone who loves them self.
And delightful, so it is,
And divine as it comes,
Simplifying things,
A story of true love.

Love, you cant, if you don’t first love yourself.
Trust, you wont, if you cannot trust yourself.
Settle in, see your power,
When you learn to be here and now,
And not endeavor for someplace else.

Early nights,
Bed by 9,
8 hours sleep,
How divine. 🙂