My feet are weary.

They’ve been dragged back and forth across bumpy holes and have searched out peace in stones and crevices unknown to those that never rose and walked the path. Perfection is near, and far, and here all at once.

A chord change to major relinquishes the unruliness of minor and we are grateful. Humans have never had a lasting predilection for tension. We are creatures of comfort and therein lays our destruction. For sloth befits only the sloth. Humanity only the human, and where is the humanity in your laziness? So rise… and walk the path.

The form the destination takes is only hinted at by the wise and those with sufficiently corrected perception. These men are not with big mouths for talkativeness is not a trait admired by those with knowledge. Discretion, however, is and so I know only the body of the beast and none of its guts. Never mind. The destination for us all is perfection and I shall let that be enough.

You and I are all so mad – are we not? – for what is coming. So much so that we divert its beeline to us and step, instead, into the morass of futility. We farcically amble about here and drown ourselves with all the drama of Prince having lost his favorite raspberry beret. Yet this serves none of our ambitions and supplements only the burgeoning catalogue of things we have yet to correct.

So correct.

Return to your seat, now, be patient. Dinner is being served. And you shall feast with patience until you feast on reward for patience.

So feast.

Devour this moment and the next and be indiscriminate in your hunger for whichever the moment provides; another opportunity to be patient, or a hot meal. Who cares? Fill yourself. Do not wait to be filled by that which is outside you or you will forever be hungry.

When it is time for walking, know to walk.
When it is time for sitting, sit.
When it is time for eating, you shall eat.
When it is time for starving, you shall starve.

And then, fill yourself from the source and in your fullness, relax. And in your relaxation, allow. And through your allowing, attract. Finally through attracting, conserve. You will no longer go hungry.

Art by David Luciano


The tree outside my house has stood patiently, in one spot, for maybe 50 years or more. Roots deeply entrenched into the ground, he knows that all will come. After 50 years of stillness and everything he needs being delivered to his feet, he has no reason to believe otherwise. I, however, am not 50, and I have little tried and can attest to the level of patience exhibited by my loyal and sturdy friend. So I am erratic, and get delivered very little.

Nature has many lessons to show us if we would only look and see.

Is there anything as erratic as I with the might of a stationary tree? I think not..

I watch the avocados being ripened by the engine of nature.. becoming plump and black. When the time is right for dropping, they do so, all as if to the tick of some universal clock, heeding only to divine timing. Ahh, so patience, and stillness grew the mighty oak and timing delivered the perfected fruit to the earth below. What might applying these virtues bring me?

Quitting is fear, I’m told. It is not the business of the warrior. It is not in his domain.

He stays. He transforms. Unaffected by this circumstance or the next – all that surrounds him comes to perfect fruition in the fields of his stillness and by the nourishment of his patience.

Undeterred by outcome and always properly situated, he completes. The warrior then allows the next step to present itself, graciously accepts (or rejects) and humbly stays or steps away. He is weatherproof.

Artwork by Mikael Aldo

Warriors II.

What is it to be ‘a warrior’? …

It’s the doing of the necessary – the peeling back of egoic desire with the sharp ribs of the blade of correction. It is a quiet, still certainty – a resolute stance – uncovered through repetition. To be a warrior is to mindfully give up all that obstructs the path through application of deep discipline of body and mind, and from this platform of simplicity to relax and therefore draw power through speed and agility. He is gentle, and finds not only power, but beauty in his simplicity.

It is a daily practicing and re-practicing of the basics of the basics until utterly faultless. Looking from every angle at how you can improve. To devote your life to the mastery of skill through repetition, and live it every day – without excuses. The warrior humbles himself to correction – the path to his mastery… And in humility pilgrims to touch the feet of correction, and the person that benevolently administers it, to exchange what little he can offer – gratitude and energy – for the great wealth and sophistication they bring to his life.

… He will remain invisible until the time comes for necessary action. When ready, he bobs into the light, strikes fast, in grace, and stance. Yet you will not see him – there and then gone. Perfection worked at; every day, every month; year upon year, life upon life such that when required he might act in perfection, to defeat adversary with fierceness and love, kindness and firmness, power and technique.

He will not make a show of it. You will not be made aware. Yet though invisible, you will not miss his presence.

Back into shadows he retreats, and returns to his art. In a temple built on a lifetime of tiny adjustments, he returns to the throne, sits down, and waits once more, in silence, for timing to create the next moment for action.

Wisely, silently, gently, he prevails.

Artwork by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich



I play to the deafness of the masses. I move for the blindness of them all. Blending in shadows that you might briefly notice and then miss upon double-glance.

We study in broad day light that which everyone else skips over. We humble ourselves with the mastery of the basics. We correct ourselves and take correction until perfect in the simplest of things. Nothing too small to inspect and correct until we perfect. Never ahead of ourselves (for long).

First, we build foundation. Rock solid. Unmovable. Upon this rock we shall build our church. Others will one day come to pray here. And they shall leave with blessings and invigorated spirits.

We concern ourselves only with mastery, and the completion of what must be done.

We are warriors.

Photography by Adrian Storey




“My name is Exaberce.. he who talks loud, say nothing”


The less you say, the more you give way for inner stillness, and the more you feel. You grow more to talk about, yet stay silent, cultivating wealth, without the need to disperse it. And you become rich.

I, and many others, however, have spent the better part of our lives screaming and shouting about not much at all. We feel anything and have to post about it on Facebook and amplify it through the megaphone of our egos and plaster it on the walls of the world stage. This is a bankrupt system.

One of the few intelligent things I did as a younger man was to leave the quotations marks I got tattooed on my back empty. I knew, even then, that the world had a lot to teach me, and I would have a lot to say. To say even one thing was to craft a future based on insufficient understanding of the life around me.

And indeed the world has taught me.

Talking excessively, however, is but one of the many ways in which we disperse our energy in our desperate bid to be heard, seen, recognized and appreciated. We talk loudly, build messily, fume aggressively, demand pompously and cry brokenheartedly. Then we create art with words, pictures or music about it self-indulgently and hope for people to vibe with the suffering. Ego ego ego ego ego.

When will we see that our suffering is generated by us (our egos, specifically) in response to events that inherently have nothing to do with us, but which we make about us just to feel something to be loud about in the future? All so we can feel significant in this big, loud world. When will we see that our power comes from our stillness, and more from what we choose not to say, than from what we blurt out in fear of being missed?

We need nothing but our burgeoning understanding to cradle us, and no one but our teacher to listen (and most likely, to demand of them to far less often). We need only a bit of discipline and consistent application of simple principles to unlock something so profound as to make the cutting away of the addictions of yesteryear no more than a passing thought. Greatness boils down to a lot of small things, done well. Each small thing just a drop in the ocean, yet what else is an ocean but a large assembly of drops?

One undisciplined thought, corrected to disciplined thought, manifested as disciplined action, repeated into disciplined habit, ingrained into disciplined life and finally rewarded as the seed of discipline sprouts into a life of wealth.

And the truly wealthy do not speak of wealth. Silent, they enjoy the fruits of their discipline.

Let’s join them, shall we?




More On The Step That You Are In.

Each footstep takes you somewhere different depending on the level of consciousness you put into it.

Is it taking you to a pub. Your house? A better home?
To honour yourself? To destruction?

Each footstep becomes a spiritual practice when you are nowhere else but in that step. I’m talking about literal footsteps here.

You see the way that we take steps on the way home is not so dissimilar from the way that we take steps in our life Рthat is, more or less unconsciously. All purpose and no  deliberateness. When we walk like this on the way home, and forget to see the world with fresh eyes we miss the trees and and the birds. When we walk this way in our life we forget to see the beautiful people and we prohibit the higher powers, whatever they are to you, from orchestrating our life like a symphonic shriek of wisdom, glory and beauty.

A lot of the beauty in walking consciously is revealed to you when you slow down and forget the destination – just as in life. When you go really slow it starts to occur to you that there is nothing to do but complete this step. And after that all there is to do is the next step. From this perspective we can see that nothing is really wrong, unless we are unable to take the next step. If this is the case for you, the moment is most certainly telling you to stop and reflect on your beauty. When it is time for the next step, the next step will be presented to you. Take it, and so on. In this, the destination of the next step is the next step and the destination right now is this step. You have already arrived. Well done, you.

The world is much simpler when all you do is focus on the step you are in – literally, and metaphorically.

To Be IN The Step That You’re In.

How often have you lounged back thinking about what it would be like to have “made it”? Finally, to have arrived.

Sometimes, for examples after a Bungee Jump, or a good day surfing, or after a brilliant orgasm with your new perfect lover, we feel complete, as if we have finally made it and all is as it is supposed to be.

The fundamental dysfunction of human society is the belief that “it” is somewhere else. The mad search, and tearful and violent outburst at its loss (e.g. at the end of a relationship, or when the orgasms stop coming as regularly with that perfect partner), is the child of this dysfunction, and the cause of all human unhappiness.

For you, it occurs like there is someplace you are meant to be. You have often dreamed, of a far off land, where a great warm welcome, will be waiting for you. True? (That was a line from Hercules. 10 points if you picked it up.)
“I Can Go The Distance” from Disney’s Hercules

This place seems always to evade you. Or if you do reach it, never for long, and then you must continue the search. The job or the girlfriend was good for a while and then the gnawing came back. The grass seemed greener.

I’ve got some news for you. It doesn’t get any better. You’ll never make it. This is it. Want to know what life looks like in 40 years? This. You’ll have nicer stuff, different friends, but the same old underlying feeling of something missing.

Have you been trying to fill a God-shaped-hole with cars, sex, money, clothes, drinks, drugs, love? It wont fit. It just doesn’t. Trust.

While our consciousness is not in the current moment, we are self-sabotaging ourselves in this moment, which is the only moment that will ever exist – the future is just a projection of how this moment might be, but later on. We, therefore, fail to make any substantial progress towards the moment we envision in our heads. And then lament.

So what to do?

Well luckily above is the bad news. We take care of the bad news first because the good news takes care of itself. There is good news, too.

The good news is that you can have everything you want. Right now.

The answer is to love what you’ve got.

To bring your attention to what’s happening now. Not later.

A Warrior’s task is to concern them self with the task at hand. To move quietly and softly when necessary, and quickly and forcefully when the timing is created to do so, with attention held unceasingly on what there is to do in this moment.

In this, The Warrior is elevated. In this, The Warrior is able, then, to elevate others.

Finally, the moment once envisioned becomes reality.

But upon arriving, where you are wont matter to you. You’ve learned to be happy without it, anyway.
Photography by Mike Brodie

– M