All will come.

I was ran by desire. “Teacher,” I said “I want this.”

“Sit in power, all will come.” He replied.

“No I will go this way.” I insist. I go. I fall.

“Teacher, I fell.” I report back.

“Yes, I know.” He says.

Again I implore: “Teacher I don’t want to go that way, that is the opposite of where I want to go!”

“Sit in power, all will come.”

He does not understand, I think. So I go. I Fall.

“Teacher I fell again.” I complain.

“Yes, I know.” He says.

“Sit in power, all will come.”

So finally I sit. I relax. I breathe. I construct a vessel for power to fill. I listen.

And finally, all I desire is coming.

“Teacher, here it all is.” I whisper.

“Yes, I know.” He softly says.

Artwork by Hansol Choi


From the seat of peace, and in the fields of isolation, one’s path is chiseled out of stone, slowly revealing the sculpture hiding within – and it points you in the direction you must go until you are lost once more and you return to the seat, and stand in the fields and wait. Wind whistling in ear.

The signals whispered to us by life are subtle inferences, unintelligible over the dull roar of the party life or arguments with loved ones. So quiet yourself and listen (drama serves you not). The answers have been coming all along, your attention was simply fixed elsewhere. And when you listen you will see. And when you see you will act. And when you act you will be victorious. For the signals never lie, and action taken in truth is sublimely effective.

When you listen to these inferences you will be calm and you will be still for you will know with certainty that you are well situated and this will serve you. This will relax you. And when you are relaxed you will be witness to more and more flowing towards you. And then you may rule over your kingdom from the dignity of your throne and not from the chaos of the battlefield. Do not leave your seat for all that is yours is coming. Let what is not yours remain elsewhere, and disregard egoic desires around obtaining these things, for they will only limit you.

Artwork by Bharat Sikka

You are being summoned. Both beautiful endings and opportune beginnings are upon you.

Calmly, in stillness: See. Know. Act. Become.