Eyes on beauty; Sweet, obliging death.

I breathe in darkness,
I breathe out light.
I step toward destruction,
bleed willingly,
and smile.
Great adversary,
come now toward me.
I have been waiting,
patiently to die.
To then be reborn,
as the vision in my eye.

The Gentle Man does not fear death, but knows it as a necessary, and beautiful, part of life. All of life is dying.
All but spirit, who resides in the bartizans of eternity, is a momentary flicker, destined to puff out and fade back to nothing.

The Gentle Man watches as the sun is born each day and then dies.
He watches again as the moon does the same of its monthly cycle – gently waxing and waning with his woman.
He watches once more as the apple falls from the tree, thuds at the earth below and slowly rots – encasing the seed, now sunk into the earth, with the nutrients necessary for new life.

With the sun, the moon, and the apple, the Gentle Man dies.

He knows no fear. For fear is a liar. Fear is a thief. Fear knows nothing.

And through each death, the Gentle Man experiences more and more of life.
Gracefully, and consciously he walks through each of his lives, this and the next.
Eyes on beauty.
Sweet, obliging death.

Artwork by Julien Mauve-Headlan

To Be IN The Step That You’re In.

How often have you lounged back thinking about what it would be like to have “made it”? Finally, to have arrived.

Sometimes, for examples after a Bungee Jump, or a good day surfing, or after a brilliant orgasm with your new perfect lover, we feel complete, as if we have finally made it and all is as it is supposed to be.

The fundamental dysfunction of human society is the belief that “it” is somewhere else. The mad search, and tearful and violent outburst at its loss (e.g. at the end of a relationship, or when the orgasms stop coming as regularly with that perfect partner), is the child of this dysfunction, and the cause of all human unhappiness.

For you, it occurs like there is someplace you are meant to be. You have often dreamed, of a far off land, where a great warm welcome, will be waiting for you. True? (That was a line from Hercules. 10 points if you picked it up.)

“I Can Go The Distance” from Disney’s Hercules

This place seems always to evade you. Or if you do reach it, never for long, and then you must continue the search. The job or the girlfriend was good for a while and then the gnawing came back. The grass seemed greener.

I’ve got some news for you. It doesn’t get any better. You’ll never make it. This is it. Want to know what life looks like in 40 years? This. You’ll have nicer stuff, different friends, but the same old underlying feeling of something missing.

Have you been trying to fill a God-shaped-hole with cars, sex, money, clothes, drinks, drugs, love? It wont fit. It just doesn’t. Trust.

While our consciousness is not in the current moment, we are self-sabotaging ourselves in this moment, which is the only moment that will ever exist – the future is just a projection of how this moment might be, but later on. We, therefore, fail to make any substantial progress towards the moment we envision in our heads. And then lament.

So what to do?

Well luckily above is the bad news. We take care of the bad news first because the good news takes care of itself. There is good news, too.

The good news is that you can have everything you want. Right now.

The answer is to love what you’ve got.

To bring your attention to what’s happening now. Not later.

A Warrior’s task is to concern them self with the task at hand. To move quietly and softly when necessary, and quickly and forcefully when the timing is created to do so, with attention held unceasingly on what there is to do in this moment.

In this, The Warrior is elevated. In this, The Warrior is able, then, to elevate others.

Finally, the moment once envisioned becomes reality.

But upon arriving, where you are wont matter to you. You’ve learned to be happy without it, anyway.

Photography by Mike Brodie

– M