Eyes on beauty; Sweet, obliging death.

I breathe in darkness,
I breathe out light.
I step toward destruction,
bleed willingly,
and smile.
Great adversary,
come now toward me.
I have been waiting,
patiently to die.
To then be reborn,
as the vision in my eye.

The Gentle Man does not fear death, but knows it as a necessary, and beautiful, part of life. All of life is dying.
All but spirit, who resides in the bartizans of eternity, is a momentary flicker, destined to puff out and fade back to nothing.

The Gentle Man watches as the sun is born each day and then dies.
He watches again as the moon does the same of its monthly cycle – gently waxing and waning with his woman.
He watches once more as the apple falls from the tree, thuds at the earth below and slowly rots – encasing the seed, now sunk into the earth, with the nutrients necessary for new life.

With the sun, the moon, and the apple, the Gentle Man dies.

He knows no fear. For fear is a liar. Fear is a thief. Fear knows nothing.

And through each death, the Gentle Man experiences more and more of life.
Gracefully, and consciously he walks through each of his lives, this and the next.
Eyes on beauty.
Sweet, obliging death.

Artwork by Julien Mauve-Headlan

The Internal, Eternal Wealth.

“I am beauty. I am worthy of the goddess. I am worthy of success.”

It is not what life gives to us but what we accept, and what we say “no” to and keep walking, that most informs our experience. It is not what you manifest, but what you accept, that makes the difference. And we all accept what we think we deserve.

Life will, in other words, treat you as well or as poorly as you let it..

Now, the keen observer will, at some point, be inclined to realize that he is the sole creator of every element of the reality he is witness to. That everything he sees around him is the child of a decision he made… No one’s lastingly rude to the Dalai Lama. Is this a co-incidence?

If you look around and what you see is destruction, then it follows that you believe you deserve destruction. Why does a victim of domestic violence, given a room of 100 people their age, always pick the one that will beat them? There is no co-incidence. Only perfection.

Our actions are the many children of our internal world. Nagging back to their mother when challenged. Validated and pushed on.

Strong actions, however, need no validation. They sing their own song

– to themselves.

Our romantic lives are the most telling examples of our self-worth being reflected back at us. The world is a mirror. What do you see looking back at you?

Let go, now, of whatever you’re gripping on to, and allow what is next to come to do so. Mostly know that should nothing come, you are wealthy without it and wealthy within. Your internal wealth is the only true wealth you will take with you beyond the narrow grave. You shall escape with nothing else but this internal, eternal wealth.

Artwork by Neil Krug

Destruction. Rebirth.

There have been a litany of destructive periods in my life that have given birth, in progression, to the person I have become.

This will not be an autobiographical diatribe on my life. This will detail the principles behind fear of death, rebirth and courage and provide a unique context from which you will be able to re-examine your life and future decisions, should you wish to.

To begin with, death is a momentary phenomenon. By that I mean, it can happen in each moment. And indeed, in many ways, it does happen each moment, and born into the next, we hope, is a person that has grown from the lessons of the moment before. Ultimate death is furthermore a human made concept and does not exist in tangible reality. Death of the body occurs and with it, the ego, and the vehicle for the physical expression of What We Are (Spirit) through Who We Are, certainly. What We Are (Spirit), however, is deathless and exists outside of the sphere of our bodies.

I would like to expand the scope of what we commonly refer to as death, which in the western psyche is largely fear and attachment manifest. Death is not something to run away from, but to run toward. If in each moment we accept death graciously and integrate the knowledge and understanding being given to us by life through death then in each moment we are able to experience rebirth. We can then do away with fear of death and come to knowing that there is only rebirth, that What We Are is immortal, and that our growth is nestled inside of each little death that we walk towards, through, and then out the other side of.

Death is any moment that at the other side of we have integrated deeper understanding and have subsequently raised our vibrational frequency, bringing us a little closer to Home.

My limited understanding of what Home is, at this point, centers around reaching Home being equivalent to the point at which we need not incarnate physically anymore. In other words, the frequency at which we are vibrating, at the moment of reaching Home, is sufficient for eternal existence in the non-physical planes after which our responsibility becomes not to tend to our own consciousness, but rest in knowledge that we are part and parcel of a greater pure consciousness, which we discovered after stripping back ego. Our only remaining responsibility, then, is to elevate others.

Having now redefined death, Home, Who We Are and What We Are, let us now turn to an examination of the fruits of walking intentionally towards death i.e. what will destroy you. Whether it is a woman, a decision, a business opportunity, or a spiritual calling, the only relevant activities to concern yourself with are those which will destroy you and bring you closer to ultimate truth and internal growth and integration of deeper wisdom. How do you know where destruction lies? You will feel scared, alive, nervous or uncomfortable. THAT is where life begins. On the other side of the line marked fear.

This is where the war is waged. Between you and you. That is your battle ground.

Yes it’s an ad. And it’s on point!

To become a warrior and champion of the fight that occurs on that battlefield is your only concern. My only concern.

If a woman is my destruction, if I am to meet a woman in that place, and see her as a woman and be seen as a man (and tested, and tested, and tested as one) so be it.

If chastity and solitude are my destruction, and if I am to meet chastity and solitude on that holy and beautiful war ground then so be it.

I am concerned only with holding attention on that which will elevate me. The warrior is unafraid. That I am at times afraid tells me I am yet to integrate fully that which I am coming to understand. No problem. This is my destruction. Next will be integration.

So it goes.