Slow, gentle steps.

The Gentle Man moves about his life softly. Quietly. In obscurity – taking slow, gentle steps.
He is not seen; he was not there.
He does not speak for silence holds all answers.

Only the fearful are loud. Only the self-loathing wish to be seen. Only the uncertain speak up.

He lounges through parks and befriends park benches and the plants that hug them. Bewildered by nature – his masterful teacher. From the tree he learns stillness. From the feline – presence. From the serpent he learns groundedness. From the ocean he learns movement.

The Gentle Man is not persuaded by worldly possessions. His head is not turned from the way. All is his within. And for he who has all within, all that is his without is inevitably already coming. Patience, then, is the trick.

First comes peace. Then comes clarity. Then comes strength.
From peace, clarity and strength comes of all the wealth you might ever have desired from the prison of weakness – and more.

For me, came my reflection in feminine – who brings with her the realisation of many years of investment in discipline and time. She is the great reflection of all I have become: my internal wealth shown back to me. The source of my gratitude. The spring of my passion. The well of my love for all.

The Gentle Man is eternally victorious, before he even begins. His path in life – assured. All he must do is walk. Discipline and integrity are the keys to the prison you shout your desires from within.
Now become silent. And walk.
You, too, will be free.


Artwork by Peter Martensen









From the seat of peace, and in the fields of isolation, one’s path is chiseled out of stone, slowly revealing the sculpture hiding within – and it points you in the direction you must go until you are lost once more and you return to the seat, and stand in the fields and wait. Wind whistling in ear.

The signals whispered to us by life are subtle inferences, unintelligible over the dull roar of the party life or arguments with loved ones. So quiet yourself and listen (drama serves you not). The answers have been coming all along, your attention was simply fixed elsewhere. And when you listen you will see. And when you see you will act. And when you act you will be victorious. For the signals never lie, and action taken in truth is sublimely effective.

When you listen to these inferences you will be calm and you will be still for you will know with certainty that you are well situated and this will serve you. This will relax you. And when you are relaxed you will be witness to more and more flowing towards you. And then you may rule over your kingdom from the dignity of your throne and not from the chaos of the battlefield. Do not leave your seat for all that is yours is coming. Let what is not yours remain elsewhere, and disregard egoic desires around obtaining these things, for they will only limit you.

Artwork by Bharat Sikka

You are being summoned. Both beautiful endings and opportune beginnings are upon you.

Calmly, in stillness: See. Know. Act. Become.



I (a)wait.

Wooden floorboards on a stage someplace foreign await the heaviness of my foot. I’ve know this since it hit me as a child and brought tears to my eyes outside of my mother’s favorite fashion store. I sank to the floor, back against the wall and sobbed in revelation.

“Mum,” I said “one day they’re all going to wait for me.” And with the only words I knew at the embryonic age of 6 I told her “I was born to be famous.”

God experiences through me the performer. He sees what it is like to be watched. He sees what it is like to live against the grain. This is his wish for me.

So my foundation is being built, and what must be done is being done. I am not eager, I am not excited. I busy myself with the task at hand and await that day. Yet no more than I await the weekend. With a mild amusement and anticipation, but the relaxation of someone who knows it’s there and if missed, that one is just around the corner.

I write to you. I speak to others. I am captured by those who like to capture beautiful moments and looked on at by those who like to watch beautiful moments. I watch as Who I Am (Michael Sunderland) comes slowly into alignment with What I Am (a court jester).

And the process is beautiful, even when the current moment might itself appear ugly. Is the most beautiful part of an olive not that it is nearly rotten? Is the fragility of crystal not a weakness but a fineness? Does youth not owe its beauty to being short-lived? I sit, I watch, life turns. I’m told the way will present itself, and then I will know to act. Until then, the moment calls for patience.

So back to patience. Back to life. Back to not caring what happens next or how it unfolds before me. The stage awaits me. This I know. And I will owe what it said on it to my journey towards it.

I (a)wait.




My feet are weary.

They’ve been dragged back and forth across bumpy holes and have searched out peace in stones and crevices unknown to those that never rose and walked the path. Perfection is near, and far, and here all at once.

A chord change to major relinquishes the unruliness of minor and we are grateful. Humans have never had a lasting predilection for tension. We are creatures of comfort and therein lays our destruction. For sloth befits only the sloth. Humanity only the human, and where is the humanity in your laziness? So rise… and walk the path.

The form the destination takes is only hinted at by the wise and those with sufficiently corrected perception. These men are not with big mouths for talkativeness is not a trait admired by those with knowledge. Discretion, however, is and so I know only the body of the beast and none of its guts. Never mind. The destination for us all is perfection and I shall let that be enough.

You and I are all so mad – are we not? – for what is coming. So much so that we divert its beeline to us and step, instead, into the morass of futility. We farcically amble about here and drown ourselves with all the drama of Prince having lost his favorite raspberry beret. Yet this serves none of our ambitions and supplements only the burgeoning catalogue of things we have yet to correct.

So correct.

Return to your seat, now, be patient. Dinner is being served. And you shall feast with patience until you feast on reward for patience.

So feast.

Devour this moment and the next and be indiscriminate in your hunger for whichever the moment provides; another opportunity to be patient, or a hot meal. Who cares? Fill yourself. Do not wait to be filled by that which is outside you or you will forever be hungry.

When it is time for walking, know to walk.
When it is time for sitting, sit.
When it is time for eating, you shall eat.
When it is time for starving, you shall starve.

And then, fill yourself from the source and in your fullness, relax. And in your relaxation, allow. And through your allowing, attract. Finally through attracting, conserve. You will no longer go hungry.

Art by David Luciano

Patience, then.

For many years I lacked self worth and so tirelessly worked to add it on from things outside myself: the gym for bigger muscles, a business for more money, and a more beautiful woman to say I’d done it. For many years I experienced madness, chaos, turmoil and suffering. Never was I relaxed, how could I be when there was so much to do! So much to become.. Never satisfied, never enough.

Now I never needed to be enough for anyone else. I was working to be enough for myself. To match the soaring standard I set myself. I never stopped to contemplate if it was ever possible for someone who is not enough to one day look in the mirror and say “I am enough, now.” It took meeting my teacher, and being goaded with the question “Do you love yourself?” I paused. His answer, already.

And so began a journey towards true love. One of cutting away romance, sex, unhealthy food, bitching and moaning, boyish behavior, medications and all else that did not serve.

As I came to honour myself with my diet, foundation was built underneath me. I became more solid, stable, calm and consistent. I saw that wanting for things was a sure-fire way to prevent myself from getting them. All there is to do is what there is to be done at this moment, and with attention firmly focused doing what needs to be done, all will come. Next thing I know here comes the perfect job, here comes money, here comes understanding, here comes opportunity. The need to chase subsided.

Coming from inside of that there is nothing external that can give me my self worth  I no longer need to become unbalanced to go and search for what I can add to be enough. I don’t need even what I currently have. The job, money, clothes, opportunities are just circumstances and byproducts of my self-worth. Let them go, how exciting. I wonder what will come to take their place. I am my own temple, and there is nowhere to pray but here.

When you know that all if moving to perfection, when you love, patience is virtue of the moment. A virtue I am grateful for. Relaxing into knowing that this moment doesn’t need to look like anything other than it does is what there is to do. And I do what must be done.